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How Selling Works

Welcome to the UK's Trendiest Online Luxury Fashion Marketplace, linking consumers to retailers at the touch a button. We help Buyers to find and purchase the latest in fashion and accessories by giving them direct access to our Online Retailer partners' websites and products.  Join our Sellers' community and open your online fashion store and let us promote your brand here. We have put a great amount of effort in ensuring that our Buyers and Sellers alike have an online venue to advertise and find the best deals on the net. Sellers will find a simple boutique listing process. This website is packed full of features for our sellers and a world of buyers is literally at your fingertips.

  • Sign UP - FREE
    Sign up is free and easy. Please click on "Set Up Your Online Shop" button in the top title bar to begin.
  • Advertise and sell your products 
    List your Products and upload up to six images per listing; then link your items to your website's sale point, or to your paypal account (if you do not have a website). We recommend that you prepare your photos and description ready before jumping in.
  • Set up your own store with a Customised Storefront Banner including a direct link to your website
    Every seller on can get their own store located at if they wish. For example, if your username is trireme, your store is at You can customize your store by adding a banner or choosing a theme colour.
    This is entirely optional, you do not need a storefront in order to sell on
  • Who can join and advertise on
    Anyone over the age of 18 can be a seller and create a store on If you are under 18, you may do so with the permission of (and under the guidance of) a responsible adult. Indie fashion and handmade items are most welcome.
  • Selling an item
    The only payment method we accept is PayPal, as it facilitates instant payment and offers anti-fraud protection. WE DO NOT CHARGE COMMISSION ON SALES. All sales generated by us go straight to you; the shopper pays you directly.
  • Payment Method
    All sellers on are expected to have a PayPal account as their payment method when paying for a product's listing fee or when paying for a Storefront subscription fee. PayPal is a free service that lets you accept credit cards online.
  • Fees 
    Product listing fee £20 per month (storefront subscription optional) - Storefront subscription fee £199 per month. (Our Bespoke E-Commerce package is as little as £40 per month and it includes a storefront subscription and products' listings) - for more information about how to apply please contact us)
  • Currency conversion
    Currency conversion is handled automatically by Paypal.
  • Paying fees
    All boutique subscriptions and products' fees are paid using PayPal.
  • How do I sign up to sell
    Step 1: Account registration
    Before signing up as a seller, we required you to register for a seller's account.
    To sign up as a seller, please click on "Set Up Your Online Shop" button on the top title bar on the home page and follow the simple registration process. It only takes a minute to complete.