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For over a decade, Roland Mouret has created the most coveted of women's wear collections. The  designer has defined the era of the iconic dress which have become known by a single name -   Galaxy, Titanium, Moon - and have earned Mouret a reputation as magician, master of structure and silhouette and as a man with an intuitive understanding of the female form.

 It is these experiences that have directly influenced the physicality of the way Mouret designs. He instinctively drapes fabric on the body rather than drawing sketches. Mouret needs to be close to the shape of the body, interacting with fabric and form with his hands. The essence of his success, he insists, is the physicality of knowing how a person wants to undress.

“Dresses are for undressing. We all dress up to undress” - Roland Mouret

Along with dresses for which Roland Mouret is best known, the house offers a full ready-to-wear collection and accessories with bags, shoes and sunglasses.

Roland Mouret

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