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baszicare exists on the idea of an all-encompassing nature intrinsically tied to our bodies and spirits. baszicare utilizes all of nature’s resources and combines it with the latest in western technology to bring out the best nature has to offer. Humankind is tied together with nature’s archaic reality: “make wise use me” is nature’s refrain.

baszicare is dedicated to the skin’s amazing ability to care for itself; it just needs a little help along the way. To this end baszicare promotes and encourages the skin’s natural processes to help it achieve a more balanced state of being. baszicare uses the western science of skincare formulation with eastern ingredients, including Chinese herbs. East and West. Yin and Yang. Hot and cold. Opposites exist to unify the two into one. Achieving balance through opposites is a practice stretching back millennia. We’ve decided it’s good practice.



BASZICARE ASTRA eye contour cream

$250.00 USD

A near perfect eye contour cream for the eyes that sustains and reinvigorates the delicate eye area. Astra helps enhance skin cell renewal to minimize imperfections around the eye area and also increases the longevity of cosmetic makeup during the day. Astra helps sustain and reinvigorate the delicate eye area with its rich, complex cream composed of specially formulated ingredients. Astra provides proper hydration and firmness, and helps give a more youthful look to the delicate eye area. Apply a small amount of Astra to an already-clean eye area after eye serum or other treatments.

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