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Folium Medica HEALING – antiseptic healing oil for acne prone skin

$49.00 USD

Healing Oil is designed to de-congested and clear acne prone, and problematic skin. Powerful bactericide and antiseptic properties make this oil highly effective treatment of active acne and preventative treatment for occasional and hormonal acne outbreak.  Skin-balancing action is another critical component in acne treatment as it normalizes sebum production in combination and oily skin due to selected essential oils known as natural balancers (adaptogens). Fast and deep penetration of this blend ensures better absorption and effectiveness to stop inflammation and bacteria spread to surrounding healthy tissue. Healing action extends further to support skin`s repair process, diminish blemishes, and minimize scarring.

Repairs damaged skin cells, anti-inflammatory | Powerful acne-fighting and skin-balancing action | Reduces hyper-pigmentation and sebum production | Cleanses deep layers of the skin, reduces pores | Strong bactericide and antiseptic properties | Helps diminish blemishes and scaring

How to use: Apply 3-4 drops morning and night to a clean, moist face and neck. Gently massage face until oil is absorbed. Dependent on condition of your face you might need to apply few more drops until desired moisturizing is achieved.

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