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Folium Medica CORSET – essential breast health oil

$57.00 USD

Breast Health Support

5% of this product sales are donated to St. Jude Children`s Hospital2 oz/60 ml - Stimulate circulation and help boost your skin’s elasticity with this quickly absorbing, highly concentrated blend of bust-enhancing essential oils, infused with skin-soothing sweet almond oil. Anti-aging geranium and skin-toning fennel improve elasticity, heal stretch marks, tone breast muscles and strengthen supporting tissues.

Breast Massage Benefits: Significant natural breast health benefits are obtained through regular breast & underarm massage. A daily massage stimulates lymph circulation and blood circulation; improved circulation to the surface of the skin helps blood and lymph flow to the breast for adequate nutritional exchange. Healthy lymphatic circulation in your breasts is vital, since it cleanses and detoxifies. Detoxification is vital for preventing tumors. Additionally, massage promotes production of oxytocin - thyrotrophic hormone, anterior pituitary hormone that stimulates the thyroid gland; a major role in preventing breast cancer. Directions: Massage breast, underarm, and decolletage every day morning or evening.*Possible to encourage breast growth.

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