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€369.00 EUR

PURE Casual Orbit - handbag or backpack? You don`t have to decide. You have both of them.

AVRILLO PURE Casual is as flexible as you need it. Unicolored designed with high quality cowhide and fine salmon leather PURE Casual is an exquisite handbag and / or an unusual backpack. On the one hand the bag appears classic discreet. The zipper as a decoration element in the pleasant soft shoulder strap add a special sporty touch to the bag. On the reverse side, a zipper pocket round up storage solutions. The inside satisfies with its functional division: Three compartments, including a zipper pocket, ensure clarity. Moreover, the use of light fabrics makes searching for what you are looking for easier.

AVRILLO combines luxury and sustainability. Fine salmon leathers, the skins of salmon reared in organic salmon farms and tanned in Germany, are the hallmark of AVRILLO. The clean design and also a tasteful composition of fine salmon leathers and high quality cowhides stand for "AVRILLO style".

high quality cowhide and fine salmon leather
unicoloured design
leather strap and shoulder strap with zipper as a decoration element 
removable leather strap remoble and adjustable shoulder strap - lined innerbag
length 11.02 inch / width 3.15 inch / height 12.60 inch

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